Meet The Experts

Jeff Depuy


A seasoned veteran to the heating and air industry, Jeff takes care of all our installation work and also our challenging service and repairs calls. Jeff has been with Access Heating and Air for nearly 20 years but also did heating and cooling in California before bringing his family to Idaho. One of the key assets that Jeff brings to our customers is his craftsmanship with custom sheet metal work and designs. This has become a lost art in our industry but Jeff takes great pride in creating something with precision that will last for generations. From custom sheet metal fabrication to keeping your fireplace warm and cozy, Jeff is here to take care of you.
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Kim Lithander


For more than 20 years Kim has been taking care of all the support resources needed for the crews on the front lines. Without his commitment and dedication to the best care for each and every customer of ours we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are sure thankful for his service and experience to our customers and our company.
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Access Heating & Air Employee James


James takes care of several different responsibilities with Access Heating and Air. He has been with the team for nearly 10 years first starting out with our installation crew. Moving his way through everything we throw at him, he has been a great asset to our team and our customers. James takes care of repairs, service, and maintenance as well as sales. When he’s not out in the field having a blast he is also responsible for our online marketing.
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Access Heating & Air Employee Shareen


There is never a dull moment with her upbeat and joyful spirit around our office. Shareen is responsible for a variety of aspects for our office running smoothly and efficiently. From dispatch to customer service and even technician ride a longs, Shareen never backs away from the challenges that arise from operating a small business. Stop in and say hi to her if you’re in the area and ask her about the time she installed ductwork in a crawlspace with our crew.
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Access Heating & Air Employee Derrick


A native to Idaho, Derrick takes care of all heating and air conditioning repair and services. He has had extensive training and experience with all types of equipment and jobs. Derrick has been in the heating and air conditioning trade for over a decade and his vast range of experiences makes him a valuable asset to our team and our customers.

Access Heating & Air Employee Keith


At the helm, Keith has been leading, guiding, growing, and directing our company to be a mainstay for customers across the Treasure Valley as well as a leader in our industry. Keith’s vision has always been to do the best job possible and making our customers amazed at our level of dedication and craftsmanship. Keith continually pushes his team to be the best in our area. Keith is no stranger himself with over 20 years of heating and air conditioning repair and sales experience as well as vast wisdom and knowledge knowing what it takes to run a small company.
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Julie takes care of our bookkeeping and accounting making sure all the numbers line up. She brings a joyful and caring spirit to our office and field staff. For more than 20 years Julie has been a guidepost for her husband, Keith. It’s a unique opportunity having family working together under the same roof.

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