Why CHoose Access Heating

We know it’s tough to find a heating and air company you can trust in your home. So, what set’s us apart?

With over decades of experience here in Meridian and Boise, we know what it takes to provide the best possible service.

40 years of fast & friendly service

  1. Service like it Should be:
    The art of superior service has been a dying and lost art that we have perfected. Each and every delightful interaction makes you wishing that other companies here in the valley would take a hard look at what we are doing. But, we have no secrets. We are simply passionate about providing the best service each and every time.

  1. Convenient Scheduling: For YOU!
    Remember those cable guys who promised sometime between 8-5? We’re the opposite.

  1. Best Technicians:
    We don’t just hire anyone with experience. The rigorous hiring process that Keith has built his company on ensures you the award-winning service that you deserve. Each and every year our technicians spend more than 300 hours in training to guarantee we are the BEST in the valley. By a long shot. No one else comes close. Guaranteed!

  1. The word on the street:
    Not to brag or anything but we have received our fair share of awards, national and local recognition. Check out what others have to say about us!
    boise heating testimonials

  1. Going green:
    For many companies this is simply a way to upsell and get more money, from you. We “paint with a broader brush” and bring actionable solutions to the table that are right for you and your application. We like to keep mother nature happy

  1. Customized & Budget Friendly:
    Access Heating & Air provides monthly payment plans for our maintenance packages making it easy to budget while prolonging the life of your system. Installing new equipment has never been more affordable! Financing available, subject to credit approval.