Mini-Split HVAC Systems of Boise

Going Green Is Easier Than Ever

mini splitMany new homes on the market now have expansive floor plans that can be tremendously difficult for a builder to take care of efficiently. If at all. More and more homes have heating and cooling issues, mostly related to uneven comfort throughout the home. It has been popular in our area for homes to have a bonus room over the garage; but most of the time these end up being nothing more than storage space because of how uncomfortable it gets during the summer months. With the temperature set to 60 degrees, the main level is freezing and the upstairs is still hot.
This is where mini-splits shine! Without the added install expense of ductwork, these system are virtually as customized as you can think. A simple indoor unit is mounted on the wall with the outdoor system usually resting next to the main air conditioner.

Mini-split systems have been around for a long time in places like Europe and Asia. They have been gaining popularity here in the USA for the last decade and many products are available now for these systems to be installed in your home.

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