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There are many ways to provide heating for our homes here in the Treasure Valley, but the most common are central air, or forced air heating, radiant heating, and fireplaces. Depending on where you live in the Treasure Valley, your home is most likely using one or even all these methods to provide a warm and comfortable climate all winter long. 

Central heating or forced air heating typically involves a furnace or air handler. Natural gas, propane, and electric are the most common fuels used for providing this heat. Central heating is pretty simple in concept- your system has a fan or blower and a comprehensive ductwork system to carry the heat throughout your home. Central heating is the most common form of heating for more than 90% of homes in the Treasure Valley and it has been around for more than 50 years. Prior to that, many homes used to rely on coal and heavy oil to heat their homes. 

Radiant heating typically utilizes heated water that’s transferred throughout special tubing in the subfloor construction of your home. This form of heat isn't as common because it can be costly to retrofit into an existing application. Radiant heat is similar to the sun. The sun warms our face just from its rays. Nothing else is needed!

Radiant heating here in the Treasure Valley is often seen in tiled bathrooms and tiled kitchens. It's pretty sweet to walk around on a warm floor, but radiant heating offers additional benefits that central heating and forced air can't touch. We lose heat in our bodies from our feet first, so replenishing that heat from the ground up makes for an incredibly comfortable way to heat our homes. Radiant heating also doesn't use air to transfer heat- less dust and less noise. Many homes in downtown Boise utilize the readily available hot springs and geothermal to carry naturally hot water into homes. Geothermal heating can be carried through a coil and the heat transferred by means of a central fan. 

Fireplaces are also very common for heating our homes - sort of. Fireplaces are generally inefficient because they can only heat the room that it's in. The living room can get warm but the rest of the house can be cold. Fireplaces are really ideal for creating a nice and warm ambiance to sit around and chat with family. Many improvements and enhancements have been made to fireplaces over the last 10 to 20 years that have made them a more efficient form of heating. From special stones to retain and dissipate the heat better, to higher capacity and better heat outputs. Many fireplaces have fan motors that can assist to push the heat out further into the space. 

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