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It seems that just when you need air conditioning, your system doesn’t work! We are the Treasure Valley’s most beloved cooling contractors. Our technicians will provide state-of-the-art service that’s prompt, professional, and honest.

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Where would we be without having the ability to cool our homes during the sweltering months summer months here in Boise? Imagine the temperature slowly climbing in your home to 80, 85, and even 90! Yikes! Cooling is something we used to live without but now can't imagine our lives without it. 
It was common for families to go to a movie so they could enjoy the comforts of a "climate-controlled" theater. Shows would be sold out after 6 o'clock. As cooling became more and popular in commercial spaces, this led to families wanting to bring cooling into the comfort of their own homes. It wasn't long before cooling become a standard requirement for new homes. 
The idea of cooling has been around a long time but only in the last 40 to 50 years has it really been a commonplace in our houses. Most of our cooling systems utilize 3 components- a fan to move the conditioned air into your home, a heat absorbing system that takes the heat from inside your house, and a heat rejecting system that sends the heat from inside your home to outside. Many terms are used- condenser, compressor, air conditioner, "that outside thing", but they all rely on the 3 basic components.
Heaven forbid your cooling systems decide to quit working when we need them most! 
There are many different brands of cooling systems out there but they all focus on a few of the same features. SEER which is very similar to miles per gallon, stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This techy acronym simply measures how efficient the air conditioner is at cooling your home over an hour of time. Tonnage refers to the size and capacity of your air conditioner to be able to cool. Larger ton air conditioners can cool larger homes. 
Some comfort features include 2-stage and variable speed
2 stage technology allows your cooling system to provide better cooling throughout the summer months. Not all days are the same temperatures so why can't pour cooling systems be designed to accommodate these differences? Well, imagine your air conditioner being able to go down in capacity when it's only 75 or 85 outside. And increase output capacity when its 85 to 100 outside. This is exactly what 2 stage does. Instead of 100% capacity and cooling your home like it's 105 outside, many newer models can increase and decrease to provide better comfort and efficiency all summer long. 
Variable speed technology gives cooling systems the capability of utilizing power better to operate motors such as the fan and compressor. Variable speed is quiet and incredibly efficient. It can also be better controlled in order to ramp up and down in precise increments based on certain designs and inputs. 
A lot to consider with cooling your home, huh! Well, just thank heaven when your thermostat is at a nice and cool 72 degrees!

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